Standard Thinking.

Hey there, Darryl here 👋🏽.

Welcome to Standard Thinking, a blog where we delve into Mental Models, Product Philosophy, and Emerging Technology—my trifecta of passions.

I'm a technical guy with a creative twist. Think of it as a two-sided coin in a world that usually trades in paper bills.

I started my career in design, took a 20-year detour into software engineering and product development, and came out the other side, still buzzing with ideas.

I've put in 10-hour days of coding and designing while averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night, attempting to lucid dream in an effort to get more done. When your career triples as your hobby, job, and side hustle, that's what happens. I won't claim I'm the best programmer out there, but I’ve earned my stripes working for some of the largest companies in the world — especially in the finance and healthcare sectors.

Lately, I've found myself increasingly drawn to healthcare, particularly the transformative power of digital health.

Today, I run a boutique human-centered design firm focusing on user experience, predominantly in healthcare. Why? Because whether it's finance or healthcare, the gap between design and engineering is where most products falter, and I've made it my mission to bridge that chasm.

My engineering background is front-end heavy, which is where I believe the magic of user experience really comes alive.

Interestingly, when I mentor the next generation, I advise them to pick one—design or engineering. Splitting focus can scatter your effectiveness.

So why 'Standard Thinking'? Because I've got a whirlwind of thoughts on how mental models shape our actions, how product philosophy informs our creations, and how emerging technology will redefine our future. And this blog is my sandbox for exploring and organizing those thoughts.

If any of this speaks to you, feel free to hit that subscribe button. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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